Play Sniper Assassin 4

If you love the Sniper Assassin game series and have already passed through the first three parts then you must play Sniper Assassin 4! The game is really thrilling and the suspense that piles up towards the end really makes it a game worth playing.

The game mechanics are similar to all the previous games except that there are several mini games within the levels that are a bit different from the search and shoot gameplay that dominates the series.

Sniper Assassin 4 has thirteen (13) fun levels and has one of the most complex levels in the game series yet! This is certainly level 10 (code: HIDE AND SEEK) which is what really defines this game as not just a shooter, but a puzzle game as well.


If this hasn’t convinced you to play Sniper Assassin 4 yet, then take into account that the game also features a new storyline and new characters as well as new enemies and difficult puzzle-like objectives.

For those who prefer the more action-oriented aspect of Sniper Assassin series there is no doubt that the final level will provide a major challenge and probably glue you to your seat for longer than you might have expected. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and play Sniper Assassin 4!

Have fun!

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