Sniper Assassin 1

The first part of the Sniper Assassin game series. The main objectives are to kill assigned targets, as swiftly and as deceitfully as possible. You are to kill three traitors from different locations, especially Mr. Johnson.


Game Controls:

Use your mouse to aim at your target, while the left mouse button is for firing.


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About the missions

Mission One: Level 01 – The Target

Notes: You have to get rid of Mr. Johnson after he came back from watching a baseball game.

Objective: The second person wearing a cap is your target.

Mission Two: Level 02 – Touchdown

Notes:  The “Mr. Johnson” killed was just a decoy, therefore, the information about the mission leaked. Kill the first traitor that is coming back from China.

Objective: Wait for the China Airlines plane and then shoot the man comes out of the plane first.

Sniper Assassin 1

Mission Three: Level 03 – Mansion

Notes:  Kill the second traitor inside the mansion, but make sure that his bodyguards are not looking.

Objective: Your target is the guy in front of the computer. Be cautious of the body guards walking close to your target, so wait until they have walked some distance away from the man, then that’s the time you should shoot him in the head.

Mission Four: Level 04 – Prison Break

Notes: Get rid of the third and final traitor. Prisoners from the State Prison are lined up alphabetically, the traitors last name is Geofovitch.

Objective: Begin your count, your target is the seventh person coming out, prepare your shot and snipe well.

Mission Five: Level 05 – Neighborhood Cleaning

Notes: It’s cleaning time, but you have to get rid of the guards first.

Objective: Kill all the guards in the area. Four of the guards will be stationed on the upper floors so you have to start sniping in the left hand side, left first then the right guards. After that snipe the guard on the first floor. Notice a head sticking out from some crates at the bottom left side, snipe him too. Lastly, shoot at all the ones on the crates.

Sniper Assassin

Mission Six: Level 06 – Neighborhood Cleaning II

Notes: Snipe out all the four guards inside the warehouse. Then, kill all the remaining workers.

Objective: Your targets are the first four guards. Kill the one at the corner wall first, make sure that the other guards are not looking otherwise you will be detected. With that corner guard killed, shoot at the other two guards. After eliminating all the guards, snipe out the guard on the ground floor walking from the back part. Proceed to the workers at the table. You have to kill all of them, however, once you kill one of them the rest will run away. Try not to snipe them too fast, kill them slowly but surely, anyway, they will get killed.




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