Sniper Assassin 3 Codes

This intense game is based on the previous Sniper Assassin games and continues the story where it last left off. The gameplay is the same as in the last two games and you won’t have trouble adjusting to it if you have played the previous parts. The game also uses a code system where you are given a level code which you can use to get back to this level at any time you wish. In order to do this you simply have to go the main menu and enter the proper code. The code will take you the start of the mission it was written for. This is also very useful if you wish to stop playing for a while and continue later on as you can pick up where you last stopped playing.

There are 14 levels and 14 codes in the game and each one is unique. Their names usually have something to do with the type of the level they are meant for and go along with the general plot. In fact, the codes themselves give you a good idea of what your objective for that level is which can come quite in handy.

 The Sniper Assassin 3 Codes Explained

The code for the first level is WATCHED which refers to the peeping Tom with the camera that you have to kill. The second level uses the code RENDEVEOUS while the code for level three is BLOODPILE (referring to the task of killing several people with one bullet). The fourth level uses the code ROBBER and your task is to kill the suspicious animal. The fifth level has the code ALL IN as a reference to the guy you have to kill (he has a lot of poker chips on his table).

The sixth level is where you torture you captive and this is why the code is TOUGHGUY since he will be hard to break. The seventh level uses the code HIDEOUT since you will be infiltrating one. The eight levels can be reached with the code MANSION and the ninth level has the code WITNESS where you have to save the life of a lady who was supposed to be killed by another assassin. The tenth level is a bonus and has the code SHINEY.

Approaching the end of the game, the eleventh level has the code FISHING and you need to wait a bit for your target to show up. The twelfth level will be one of the hardest as it doesn’t have the usual gameplay. The level code is LONGWAYDOWN and you will need to be patient until you can get the skills needed to pass this level. The thirteenth level has the code SNIPERS and is really difficult until you figure out the proper order in which to kill your targets. Start from the left and work your way gradually to the right.

The final fourteenth level can be reached with the code SPEED and it is a very difficult level in spite of the simple objective. You have to kill all four targets, but be advised that they will be moving quite fast!

All Codes:

  5. ALL IN
  10. SHINY
  14. SPEED


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