Sniper Assassin 3 Walkthrough

Sniper Assassin 3 is the third installment in the series following Shawn Davidson, a government agent who is searching for the murderer of his wife – the infamous drug lord Mr Johnson. If you are having trouble beating this game then we will help you around with all 14 levels of the game so that you can breeze through the one that is giving you problems. It is essentially very easy, but certain details can often miss our attention.


Level 1

The first level used the code WATCHED and passing it is very easy. You just have to wait a while until a figure with a camera (“peeping Tom”) appears in the bottom corner of your screen. Kill this person to complete the level.

Level 2

The next level is a bit different as your goal in not to kill, but incapacitate the target. The target will come along and sit at the table in the top right corner. Shoot him in the leg to complete the mission. The code is RENDEVEOUS.

Level 3

The code for this level is BLOODPILE and the task is very interesting as you need to use a single bullet to kill several people. They are located in one of the middle floors of the building and are playing poker on a purple table. You must shoot the cable holding the chandelier to have it fall and kill all of them at once. Wait until everyone else has left the room so that there aren’t any civilian casualties.

Level 4

The coder is ROBBER and the task is simple, just wait a while the animal will appear then you just have to kill it.

Level 5

The code is ALL IN and you just have to find and kill the guy with the most poker chips.

Level 6

The code is TOUGHGUY and you just have to intimidate him with alternate punches and by swinging the lamp. Once his fear is high press the spacebar to interrogate him.

Level 7

To get here use the code HIDEOUT. As for the level itself it is quite complex and hard to explain but all you really have to do is shoot each guard while his partner is looking away.

Level 8

The code is MANSION and in order to pass the level kill all the guards in a straight sequence starting from your left towards the right.

Level 9

The code for this mission is WITNESS and all you have to do is wait for a while until the murderer comes to kill the women. Kill the assassin to complete the level.

Level 10

The code is SHINEY and this is a bonus level, just whack the car until you trash is by holding Q and W.

Level 11

The code is FISHING and you must wait a while for the car owner to show up and then kill him.

Level 12

To pass this level just keep trying to stop until you are at 10 ft away from the ground. The code is LONGWAYDOWN.

Level 13

The code for this level is SNIPERS and you have to kill all of the opponents. Start from the left side, then kill the ones in middle and the then those at the top.

Level 14

The code to get to the final level is SPEED and you have to kill all four (4) targets. It is a bit difficult but with a bit of practice you can pull it off. After this is done, you have successfully beaten the game!

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