Sniper Assassin 4 Walkthrough

Sniper Assassin 4 will pick up where third game left off. It is a very fun new addition to the game and will be great to play. If you have played the game so far then the graphics and gameplay mechanics will be nothing unorthodox to you. There are thirteen exciting levels and this Sniper Assassin 4 walkthrough will help you pass through each of them easily.

 Level 1

To pass this level you need just need to shoot all three bank robbers. They will have guns and will be easy to spot. They will not run away and you will have no trouble picking them off one by one. Start with whichever you want.

Level 2

To pass level 2 you will need to do a bit of thinking. First kill the two kidnapers inside of the garage and then the third one who went outside to meet the car. The code for this level is PAPA.

Level 3

In this level you task it to maim the target. Once Charlie’s conversation box appears shoot the rope to pass the level. The code to get back to this level is CHARLIE.


Level 4

In this level there is a series of targets for you to shoot and in order to succeed you will need to shoot each target while their partner is not looking. The code is OUTSKIRTS.

Level 5

Just shoot the gigolo who is in the bottom right surrounded by two other people. Ironically the code for the level is GIGOLO as well.

Level 6

First you must shoot six bodyguards across the terrain and then the boss once he arrives in a small golf cart. The code for this mission is PAR.

Level 7

You goal is to destroy a black limousine and the way you will do this is quite simple. Just wait until it arrives and then shoot the black cable above it. The code for the mission is PASSERBY.

Level 8

This is a brutal mission that is similar to other torture or interrogation mission from the series. You just need to shoo the targets arms and legs and avoid killing them. The code is APPLE.

Level 9

This is a bonus mission where you whack the car until you destroy like in the previous games. The code is HORSE POWER and you might be a bit sad to whack such a nice car!

Level 10

This is one of the most complex levels in the game series so far and will require a bit of thinking. The general idea is that the guards cannot see each other getting killed or they will understand something is going on. You should first destroy the lamp on the right and kill the guard bellow it. Then the guards on the left while they are not looking at each other and finally the person in the center. The code for the level is HIDE AND SEEK.

Level 11

This level is a sub game featuring a rhythm game where you have to press the arrow keys are the right time similarly to Guitar Hero sorts of games. The level code is FOOT LOOSE.

Level 12

This is another torture/interrogation mission and you best combine D and E to get his fear level up as fast as possible. The code is IRON MAIDEN.

Level 13

This is the final level in the game and requires a lot of quick reactions. The code is NOCTURNAL and you will first need to free Charlie by shooting the rope and then kill all the guards who come from all sides to kill her. Once you finish this level you have completed the game!

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