Sniper Assassin 4

The fourth game in the Sniper Assassin series – Sniper Assassin 4 brings in a couple of new game modes as well as interesting shooter puzzles for you to sink your teeth into.

There a couple of fun mini-games inside some of the levels but the tension is always high.

The story is a bit different and revenge is no longer the main motive behind the main character’s actions.


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The Storyline

So far Shawn Davidson was searching for the mastermind behind the murder of his wife – Mr. Johnson, a powerful drug lord. In the third installment of the series our deer assassin managed to fulfill his revenge but only to a certain extent as the actual murder (Mr. J) managed to escape and is now rising to the top of the mafia hierarchy. Shawn decided to quit his life as an assassin but his former friends and colleagues cannot allow the top gun in the assassin world to retire just yet! In Sniper Assassin 4 we will see Shawn in action once more as he works with his team once again taking on various missions!

Sniper Assassin 4

The Sniper Assassin 4 Gameplay

The game series has kept true to the original gameplay concept and this is what makes this shooter puzzle game so distinctive and fun. The gameplay of Sniper Assassin 4 consists of the classical use of the mouse to navigate your sniper scope, find the target or object and shoot it with your sniper rifle. As always, harming civilians will result in the failing of a level and there are certain goals you must always complete. Sometimes you will be required to wait for your window of opportunity, but other times you will have to have lightning fast reflexes and shoot the enemy guards as fast as possible.

In Sniper Assassin 4 there are also a couple of mini games on certain levels that break the tension up a bit and introduce a familiar concept. There is an interrogation level that similar to all the previous ones as well as “bash the car” bonus level. An original addition is the level where you are expected to break dance using a similar mechanism as in Guitar Hero and other rhythm and music games. All in all you will most likely have a lot of fun playing Sniper Assassin 4, but some of the more complex levels might have you get a couple of sleepless nights.

Sniper Assassin 4

The Sniper Assassin 4 Codes

As with all the previous games in the series there are level codes that can be used to access any of the levels in the game. This is useful if you get stuck or want to continue from the last level that you left off before leaving your gaming session. The codes themselves are activated from the main menu and will place you directly into the mission briefing screen for that particular level.

 The Codes are:

  • Mission 01 – BANK HEIST
  • Mission 02 – PAPA
  • Mission 03 – CHARLIE
  • Mission 04 – OUTSKIRTS
  • Mission 05 – GIGOLO
  • Mission 06 – PAR
  • Mission 07 – PASSERBY
  • Mission 08 – APPLE
  • Mission 09 – HORSE POWER
  • Mission 10 – HIDE AND SEEK
  • Mission 11 – FOOT LOOSE
  • Mission 12 – IRON MAIDEN
  • Mission 13 – NOCTURNAL
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